Teatro is easily one of the best fine dining restaurants in Calgary. We ccelebrated an anniversary dinner here last night and the experience was every bit as amazing as our first time. They went above and beyond every step of the way.

Since it was a Sunday, we took our own bottle of wine - its BYOW (free Corkage) on Sunday nights. This is a HUGE perk for a high-end restaurant such as Teatro, so do take advantage of it if you are thinking of going on a Sunday night. We happened to have the same waiter as the last time we were there, so that was a nice surprise. 

Now, let me indulge you in the details of our dinner. In short, my fiance and I were SPOILED. We were served bread and olive oil, both of which were delicious. Our waiter - Adrian - expertly explained every single detail to us about any menu item we inquired about. We ordered two appetizers to start - mushroom carpaccio and beef tartare. The mushroom carpaccio was an okay dish, and the beef tartare was delicious. It was served with some sort of crisps, thinly sliced pickles, and a creamy sauce and pickled caviar-type drops. Amazing.

Photo above: Mushroom carpaccio, with shaved truffle

Once we were done the appetizers and bread, Adrian our waiter brought us a small pasta course of lobster tortellini with lemon foam on top - on the house. We were pleasantly surprised. The tortellini was meaty, big-sized and substantial. The lemon foam was a nice touch.

For our mains, we ordered the seafood lasagna and quail. We chose a side of ‘cauliflower risotto’ off the menu, and the waiter suggested the mushroom risotto instead. “But we don’t see it listed on the menu”, we said. Adrian assured us not to worry about the menu, and if that is what we wanted, then that is what he will bring us. We agreed on the mushroom risotto, because it sounded like a winner.

When the food came, every single of the dishes exceeded our expectations. The seafood lasagne was creamy, abundant with lobster, shrimp, and scallop. My quail was amazing - crispy quail pieces sitting on top of soft pieces of pulled quail thighs, which was sitting on top of celeriac puree and root vegetables. Adrian drizzled the whole thing with foie gras jus infront of us. The dish was magnificent to say the least. I was already quite full after the tortellini, but the quail was so good I ate it up at lightning speed. The mushroom risotto - AMAZING. Thick, creamy, flavourful, PERFECT. And topped with thinly sliced truffle. 

Photo above: The seafood lasagne 

Photo above: Quail with celeriac puree 

The portions were so generous, I knew we could not finish it all. So, we reluctantly asked if it ‘was possible’ to take the mushroom risotto to go. I know, I know.. asking for a doggy-bag at a Teatro? Ridiculous! But Adrian made it seem completely normal and said “Everything is possible” and whisked the risotto away. 

I was too full to order dessert, but my fiance insisted on it. So we pondered over the dessert menu, wondering whether to order the Tiramisu, or the BC Quince with pear sorbet. Adrian our waiter described both to us and said they were both very good. We settled on the tiramisu, to share because we were very full. When Adrian brought out the tiramisu, to our surprise, he had also brought us the BC QUince and sorbet dessert - on the house! He said tasting the BC Quince dessert would be better than trying to visualize it with his descriptions.

Once again, we indulged. The tiramisu was great. A tad heavy, but that was because we were already stuffed. The BC Quince and pear sorbet was topped with ginger foam and was DECADENT. It was light, fluffy, sweet and just amazing. We finished both desserts. How our stomachs accommodated this much food, I can’t tell you.

In the end, my fiance ordered coffee. Once AGAIN, to our surprise, Adrian came around and said he had some 45-year old port left in a bottle at the bar, just enough for two people. And proceeded to pour us some - on the house. At this point, I was overwhelmed at their generosity and the amazing service we were receiving. As we sipped and savoured our ports, we wondered what we had done to be receiving such amazing treatment. 

We ended the night with some more good natured conversation with Adrian, looking at our bill in disbelief (it was WAY too little for everything we had received), and tipping Adrian HEAVILY. We took our risotto to go, which they gave to us in a little disposable lunch bag. Another nice touch, to add to the already heady experience we just had. 

True quality at every step, and every detail taken care of, Teatro is absolutely the ‘creme de la creme’ of Calgary.