I left my work function last night, still hungry. The ‘finger food’ they had served was delicious, but there was just not enough of it. And I have um, a reasonable-sized appetite (that’s what I keep telling myself). So after I walked out of the hotel, all dressed up in my dress and high heels, I thought going home to eat a sandwich was a waste of a perfectly good outfit. 

…Yes, girls’ minds do work this way :)

Anyway, so in search of a place that sells tapas / appetizers late into the night, we drove past Cibo and found it to be open!

We ordered the 5 appetizer platter, and it was perfect for the two of us. We had the roasted eggplant dip, the black cod bacala, the shrimp, the arancini and the veal meatballs. It all came with crostini on the side.

My favourites of the night was the arancini and the veal meatballs a close second. The arancini (risotto balls) sat on this light tomato sauce and was just the perfect little bite! 

None of the five items were heavy or greasy, so we really enjoyed that.

The table next to us was having a MASSIVE party, so it was incredibly loud, but the food was so tasty, we would come back.