Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Lison from Pascal’s Patisserie at a Yelp Elite party. She had the most beautiful basket with an array of french croissants, pain au chocolat and cinnamon rolls.

Photo credit: Kate B from Yelp! (Link)

I gushed over the 5-items-only ingredients list for the croissant, and happily bit into the flakey, buttery, utterly amazing croissants. Lison talked about how croissant-making is a dying art, even in France, and I talked about how her basket of baked goods was transporting me into a little sidestreet cafe in Europe. That’s when Lison said “Food can do that. It can transport you to a different country, a different place altogether, just with one bite.”

That is so true. Earlier this year when I was in Istanbul, I feasted on all the kebabs and local food I could lay my eyes on, and all the local produce, cheese, etc. Everything was so fresh, so flavourful. 

Simple salads, but such fresh produce in Istanbul

Just a simple salad, but such fresh produce!

Yup, they’re as good as they look.

When I was back in Calgary, I was certain it would be difficult to find cuisine like that. That was until I stumbled upon Istanbul Kebab House. When I visited the restaurant, and tasted the food, there I was - instantly transported to the streets of Turkey. In my head I was back there, in sunny Istanbul with delicious local food on every street corner: kebabs, stuffed eggplants, salads, etc. 

Check out my review for Istanbul Kebab House here.

In conclusion, food can be a great medium for time travel!

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