Sabz and the city

For all of you who know me, you are all too aware of how obsessed I am with dogs/puppies. 

So after I moved in with Hubster this January, I started my search for a puppy! But not just any puppy, he/she had to fit the criteria:

- a rescue puppy. I wanted to give a good home to a dog who needed one!
- small-ish size. I did not have the energy or the gigantic backyard or the lifestyle to keep up with a giant puppy/dog.
- a pup with a gentle personality. I needed a dog who would not scare the living daylights out of my already-paranoid cat. No yappy lapdogs please. No hyperactive aggressive dog who would chase my cat around. 
- ideally less than a year old, so we could all grow together.

Months and months of stalking all the rescue organizations in Calgary, but nothing perfect, that met all the above criterion.

Finally, in April, I found him. A small mutt named Jasper came up at one of the rescue organizatins. They did not know his exact breed.. Some said he was a long haired chihuahua, some said he was a tibetan spaniel, some said he was a mix for sure.

I brought him home and there he was, a sweet little timid puppy who reminded me of a butterfly, a lion, a horse and a unicorn. My imagination does weird things.

I named him Leo. He has the most ‘awww’-inducing eyes EVER, and fun flappy ears that I am completely obsessed with. He runs like the wind and I have never seen a dog jump as high as he can. I think he is part King Charles Spaniel and part Chihuahua. But he is fully wonderful and positively the sweetest thing I have ever met. 


Jun 13


I accidentally deleted my old Tumblr blog and I just spent the whole day seething! 

SO, here we go again! 

Jun 13
Now lets start all over again…
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